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Hello hello hello from Seattle!!!

We are writing this from the wonderful suburb of Capitol Hill, home of tattooed, dyed hair, queer-as-fuck incredible people. We fit right in. If you don’t follow us on twitter (@theJAargument) you may not know that we have been working our arses off in the incredible London Bridge Studios, tracking the drums, piano and most of the lead vocals for the album. It’s been intense and amazing. We are also slaving away at trying to bring the album home for a large scale national tour. If you know people who work in venues in towns around Australia, please email us! As an independent, DIY band – any help is greatly appreciated!

Also. We’ve been meaning to talk. We have news. A lot of it. Rad news. Rad news worth reading:

1. The “Holes” single pre-order is LIVE! This single is the first single off the album – the lyrics for which were written by our dear friend, Mr Neil Gaiman. The artwork is being provided by the incredible graphic novel illustrator, Mark Buckingham (famed for his work on Fables and Sandman among others).

For the first time ever we are selling PHYSICAL copies over bandcamp. There are limited numbers so get in quick. If you miss out, or it’s not your thing – you can also pre-order digital copies. In either event you will instantly receive “Bones” – one of the b-sides for this release.

Speaking of b-sides – Bones and Ready To Heal are also included in this release. These two live recordings came out of an incredible night with Amanda Fucking Palmer, Mick Wordley and 20-odd AFP fans at Mixmasters studio in Adelaide in 2010. They were also our first ever single – which we released before figuring out how to release a single… We literally hand stamped 50 copies, told twitter about it and sold them at a show. This is the first time either have been made available digitally.

So why this song? Why now? It’s because of a certain exciting fucking thing that you can read below:

2. We are going on a West Coast tour with Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman!!! We will be playing San Francisco (both dates), Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. Check here at Amanda’s blog for tickets… If there are still some left! The “Holes” single will be launched at the first San Francisco show and will be available for purchase at all the shows on tour. We are so humbled and excited to be working with these two beautiful people once again – and thrilled to be able to release a single that has ties to both of them, and the amazing art they create.

3. We are broke! How awesome is that! We cleverly budgeted the perfect amount in our Pozible crowd sourcing campaign to get us studio time, amazing musicians and a producer to work with, extra equipment needed for the mixing and mastering and a roof over our heads while we do it. We have also managed to use the remainder of our funds to make our first film clip (more on this next time).

However – to continue doing what we want to do – we rely on the support of YOU through coming to our shows, pre-ordering a certain single and buying our music in general. We have also just added a new Donate” function  (look to the right of this blog) where, if you feel so inclined, can pledge donations to keep us afloat. Anything from 5c to a million bucks is incredibly helpful. BUT. There is a catch. If you donate… You get access to a whole heap of extra cool shit. See number four for details.

4. Anyone else hate the changes to Facebook lately? US TOO! So it seems the perfect time to launch our own online community section for this website. We now have a home for fan art, forums, Q & A, volunteering opportunities and bonus content, audio, photos and videos from tour and the recording process. At the moment, this community is available for anyone who donates, and all who pledged on Pozible (Because a., we’re still figuring this out as we go along, and b. because those people are rad. We’re aiming to make this community public around the time that we release the record). However – we understand that not everyone can afford either option. If this is you, and you would love to be involved NOW, shoot us an email and we’ll sort you out with login details.

5. You are awesome. We love you. Thank you for your patience in us getting all this blog and news and excitement together. As of now we have our proverbial shit sorted and will be blogging every couple of weeks AT LEAST. Also – if you’re not already signed up to our mailing list – please put your details in, there will be special offers, info and discounts coming through that list to your inbox once a month.

Big love. No, HUGE love to all.

Tom and Jen

The Jane Austen Argument

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One Response to “Hello hello hello from Seattle!!!”

  1. Krystal October 18, 2011 at 4:22 pm #

    OOohhh super-limited edition signed hard copy of the new Single?
    I must have it! I must add it to my collection of your CD’s, 3/4 of which are signed 😀